Dr. Xander Philip Huntz
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: November 4th, 1986
Address: Tybethu, Lizitér
Berlin, Germany, Earth (formerly)
Occupation(s): Lizard-Warrior (formerly)
Aliases: Huntie
Family & Friends
Family: Professor Huntz (Father; deceased)
Ethan Huntz
Friends: Demi Stuck
Lizard(s): Evil Iguavine
Enemies: Phoenix Sapphiyre
Gabe Sapphiyre
Hayden Moon
Isabella Evans
Rochelle Day
John Harding
Elspeth Harding
Felix White
Other Information
Interests: Making Evil Lizards, Training, Entering Lizaments, Battling
Education: Gem Red SkyTraining School (Formerly)
Talent: Battling
Making Evil Lizards
Weaknesses: Losing a battle
Getting beaten by Phoenix
Series Information
First appearance: Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 1
"One day, I swear, I will kill Phoenix Sapphiyre!"

- Dr. Huntz to Demi Stuck in To Battle Good, To Battle Evil!.

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