Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 2
Season 1, Episode 2
First Aired March 11th, 2013
Production Code 102
Writer(s) LizardMaster178 & Rhysw2002
Episode Guide
"Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 1"
"To Battle Good, To Battle Evil!"

Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 2 is the second episode of the Lizitér series. It premiered on the chat on March 11th, 2013.


The screen shows Phoenix and the gang walking to the cabin. Phoenix steps in side, complimenting it. Isabella checks everyone is inside, but doesn't see Elspeth. She shouts for her outside, but there is no answer. Isabella asks them 'are you thinking what I'm thinking?', but Phoenix stupidly replies 'to go to KFC?' (a popular British & American fast food restaurant). Phoenix, Isabella and John send their Lizards out to look for her.

As they walk outside, Phoenix spots a girl heading towards them. He falls in love with her dramatically. He goes up to her asking 'have you seen a girl...brown hair, small?'. She replies with no, laughing. She introduces herself as Demi Stuck and Phoenix introduces himself. Isabella gasps saying Demi is evil Dr. Huntz's assistant. But Demi says she is pretending and not to tell him - with Isabella saying 'yeah, right' as in she is faking. Then, Demi says she has nothing to do with Elspeth's disappearance, but adds that she saw her boss take a girl away.

They all walk off trying to look for her, and the Lizards return. Suddenly, out of nowhere, evil Dr. Huntz appears saying 'ARE YOU LOOKING FOR THIS PATHETIC LITTLE TWIT?' and throws Elspeth on the floor, injured and hurt. Phoenix gets angry challenging Huntz to a battle, and he accepts.

As they battle, Dr. Huntz sees Phoenix's Geckver, Splash. He complains how pathetic and useless they are, but Phoenix replies 'you should be surprised'. They battle, with Phoenix winning the battle and Dr. Huntz in shock. He walks off with Demi angrily.

They head back to the cabin, helping Elspeth. John sends out Blitz, with Phoenix and Isabella looking confused. Blitz is revealed to heal things. He heals Elspeth's leg, making her better. Isabella says they should go to sleep, as the Lizament is tomorrow. Phoenix asks what it is. Isabella replies that it is a tournament, where people compete and battle with Lizards in different rounds. Whoever wins, gets a mega rare Lizard. They all gasp, and they go to sleep.

The episode ends with the narrator saying 'what will happen next?', but suddenly the camera moves outside to find Phoenix and Demi kissing.

Who's That Lizard?

It was Blitz!