First appearance Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 1
Rarity Uncommon
Element Water
Owner Phoenix Sapphiyre

Geckvers are small, blue lizards that use water-based attacks. They're uncommon and are the leader of the Water element. Many people consider them useless and tiny. Geckvers are very weak mainly, too. Strangely, there's one special Geckver that Phoenix Sapphiyre obtained in episode one. It isn't weak and useless - in fact, it's very powerful!

Habitat Edit

Near watery-caves and clear, fresh rivers.

Name Combination Edit

Geckver is a combination of Gecko and River.

Origin Edit

It is based on a gecko, but a water one. There are no-known water geckos. This is, however, just a fictional character that take characteristics from geckos.

Likes Edit

Fizzy lemonade and mouthwash.

Dislikes Edit

Disgusting swarms and humans mocking them.

Trivia Edit

  • The most powerful is Splash, Phoenix's Geckver.