First appearance To Battle Good, To Battle Evil!
Rarity Rare
Element Grass
Owner Hayden Moon

Iguavines are big, long lizards that use grass-based attacks. They're rare and are the leader of the Grass element. They can be usually very helpful in battling and are are known for the first most powerful Grass lizard. A well known Iguavine is Hoja, Hayden Moon's main lizard.

Habitat Edit

Up in trees and normally next to dirty swamps in long grass.

Name Combination Edit

Iguavine is a combination of Iguana and Vine.

Origin Edit

They're based on Green Iguanas.

Likes Edit

Grass B-Oerries and battling evil.

Dislikes Edit

Evil Lizards and dirty trees.

Trivia Edit

  • They're the only known lizard to control the weather, strangely.