First appearance Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 1
Rarity Ultra Rare
Element Fire
Owner Felix White
John Harding

Infermeleons are slightly big, colorful lizards that used fire-based attacks. They're known to change colour, but their main colour is red. Infermeleons are very determined and hot-headed, but are very good at battling. They also have a special ability to heal people/animals. Well known Infermeleons are prehaps Felix White's Fireball and John Harding's Blitz.

Habitat Edit

Near volcanos and in Hot-Hut Cerji Trees.

Name Combination Edit

Infermeleon is a combination of Inferno and Chameleon.

Origin Edit

They're based on Chameleons.

Likes Edit

Hot-Red Lilly-Chillies and volcano ash.

Dislikes Edit

Cold snow and losing battles.

Trivia Edit

  • If they become angry, they burst with fire.