General Information
Genre Action/Adventure/Romance/Mystery
Status New Series
Original run March 9th, 2013 -
Episodes 2 (11 unaired)
Country United Kingdom
Creator(s) LizardMaster178
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Lizitér (stylized as LIZitéR) is a British fanfiction series created by LizardMaster178.

Summary Edit

Phoenix Sapphiyre is a lonely boy from Planet Earth. He is the son of a deceased mother and an abducted father. He is looked after by his big brother, Gabe Sapphiyre. He is a legendary Lizard-Warrior and protects the planet Lizitér. When his brother goes missing, Phoenix travels to the mysterious planet to find him. With his four companions by his side, will he defeat the evil Dr. Huntz and find Gabe?

Characters Edit

Main Characters:

Recurring Characters:


Episodes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This was originally LizardMaster178's idea.
  • Originally a roleplaying series, Lizitér was changed to a fanfiction series.