First appearance Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 1
Rarity Common
Element Air
Owner Isabella Evans

Skinaces are slightly small, pinkish lizards that use air-based attacks. They're known to fly at 100 miles per hour and have sharp wings to cut open things or to use during battles. They can be very useful in battles, because they can fly and dodge attacks the fastest. Skinaces very sporty and very fast. They're the fastest lizards in Lizitér. A well known Skinace is Acrobat, Isabella Evans's lizard.

Habitat Edit

In the skies near volcanos and up above trees.

Name Combination Edit

Skinace is a combination of Skink and Ace.

Origin Edit

They're based off of Dinosaurs and Skinks.

Likes Edit

Acrobatics and battling.

Dislikes Edit

Losing speed and broken wings.

Trivia Edit