To Battle Good, To Battle Evil!
Season 1, Episode 3
First Aired March 19th, 2013
Production Code 103
Writer(s) LizardMaster178 & Dolphins1
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"Enter Lizitér - Planet Chaos! Part 2"
"The Lizitér Party!"

To Battle Good, To Battle Evil! is the third episode of the Lizitér series. It premiered on the chat on March 19th, 2013.


The screen moves down to show Phoenix, Isabella and Elspeth walking to the Lizament. Phoenix is confused not seeing John, but Isabella and Elspeth reveal he has left to travel around space unexpectedly. As Phoenix is saddened, a unfamiliar girl bumps into him. She says sorry, but they both smile at each other. She is revealed to be Rochelle Day, and is going to the Lizament. They say they are too, so Phoenix asks her to join them and she accepts.

As they walk, Demi walks up to them. She notices that Rochelle is new, and asks her name. She warns her about her evil boss - Dr. Huntz. As Rochelle asks, Demi explains he is evil. Rochelle asks Demi 'why are you working for him then?' - to Demi's surprise, she is doing it because she wants money and reveals she is quite poor. She says she must go, so she leaves and kisses Phoenix on the cheek - leaving Isabella and Elspeth surprised. With both of them confused, Rochelle has lots to come to her.

When they nearly approach the Lizament, Dr. Huntz suddenly appears to see Rochelle. He asks her name and then asks her to join him, but she declines angrily. He said to her 'I'M GOING TO DESTROY YOU!', but Phoenix protects Rochelle saying 'IF YOU WANT TO DESTROY HER, YOU WILL HAVE TO DESTROY ME FIRST'.

They battle, but Phoenix, however, wins. With Dr. Huntz once again extremely angry, he suddenly shows his new army. With the four in shock, Elspeth hides behind Isabella saying she is too young to battle and that she doesn't have a lizard. Phoenix, Isabella and Rochelle battle them. Demi then appears casting a sleep spell on Dr. Huntz and his army. She said 'they won't remember a thing'. She disappears with the four happily safe.

Back at Dr. Huntz's den, he wakes up - confused. He asks 'what happened?', but Demi says 'I can't remember' and that 'Phoenix defeated you and your army in a battle'. He gets really angry, saying 'ONE DAY, I SWEAR, I WILL KILL PHOENIX SAPPHIYRE'. The episode ends with the scene going black.

Who's That Lizard?

It was Rocky!


  • This episode was supposed to air on March 18th, 2013.